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(Aug 09, 2017)
with lotro down, now would be a good time to go through and read the posts here on the website ;)
(Aug 08, 2017)
Hello good folk! it is I, Thorudil! Enjoying mordor? I will not be coming back for a little while due to real life and such, but I hope my spot will be with you nevertheless! For one time soon, I shall come! be safe all, and enjoy!
(Aug 05, 2017)
Special Event Sunday 5:30pm UK until 9pm Virtuous Deeds is replaced by Speed Leveling Runs ! See Calendar!
(Jul 27, 2017)
I see you Sun! Woot! Hip hip Hazzah!
(Jul 27, 2017)
ALthough real-Life has a fate of its own, The Wardens of Arda always bid thee welcome with cheery tone! Dash away and tackle real life's call, then dash back, dash back for Middle Earth's call!
(Jul 25, 2017)
Hullo guys🤗 sorry for the low activity at the moment real life kicked in for a bit:) i be online tomorrow morning for sure c you then:)
(Jul 22, 2017)
It's the divine miss M! Woot!
(Jul 20, 2017)
Hi all! How are you? I will return the viking week, been on vacation :D
(Jul 06, 2017)
Green Dragon Friday. It's a weekly hobbit event on Laurelin. :) Check out the calendar event. :)
(Jul 06, 2017)
GDF? sorry but Im so bad at all those aprivations
(Jul 06, 2017)
Hey Wardens! Be sure to check out the GDF event tomorrow! :) You might want to pick up some dance moves at the festival today.
(Jul 04, 2017)
pokes Assia :P
(Jun 29, 2017)
When folks apply to the website, please leave a note saying your kin name :D
(Jun 28, 2017)
WInk! It's Bearasia! Hide the honey pots!
(Jun 28, 2017)
Hugs to all on holiday, moves, vacations, and assorted real-life events! Look forward to your hearty, safe, happy return!
(Jun 25, 2017)
almost done setting up the new house lots of work but, come this new week i will be online again:)
(Jun 23, 2017)
Uhm... I won't think I will be able to log in anytime soon. I will write an article later. Greetings to everyone by the way.
(Jun 23, 2017)
i miss you guys:D
(Jun 23, 2017)
almost done with moving just need a couple more days and ill see you all in game:D!
(Jun 22, 2017)
hello grey:D!