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Rank: Warden
Online: 10 months ago
Joined: Apr 17, 2017
Gender: Male
Country: Norway
A male nearing the age of 25 this coming august! I live in Norway, near the south of it, and here I live happily with my two kids and girlfriend. (Wife sounds so old!)

And yes, my name is Thor - named after the famous God of Thunder himself!

As I am a dad, my daytime is often occupied, but once the dusk sets in, my inner gamer and gaming needs are loosened and I venture online! Of course my girlfriend needs some of my attention too at times, if you know what I mean! *throws a quick glance at Fal's carrots*

I have been playing many MMO's up through the years, my first was actually WoW, followed by LotrO. After that there has been given a few months to several other games aswell. LotrO is still a game I hold dear.

I think of myself as a calm, genuine and friendly person, with a touch of humor that makes other smile. Hopefully I am that to my friends online aswell!

May we meet online!