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(Nov 29, 2017)
Less than 24 hours remain until the elvenpath's secret santa event starts! Send Ornessar an in-game mail if you want to participate.
(Nov 22, 2017)
Uh i installed Descord,But idk how to find Wardens Of Arda...?
(Nov 21, 2017)
And Hi Dark srry to hear that buddy,pls Keep on going they will reply :)
(Nov 21, 2017)
Greeeetings Everyones Boki's here atm im Bussy but ill get few mins to log in with ya to say hi :)
(Nov 11, 2017)
Be sure to look at our calendar of events! Would you like to run an event? Volunteer!
(Oct 26, 2017)
good heavens. I would hate to lose oyu as a fellow player. You've been tops. Dont give up, just be patient. I had a trouble ticket into them and they did take several days or more to respond.
(Oct 24, 2017)
thx red i do but looks like they dont want me to back again it seems i should retire from game they even dont reply my mails
(Oct 23, 2017)
ouch! Sorry about that Darswordsman. I hope you are able to pursuade them that you are sincere, serious and genuine. :) If any of us may be of any assistance just whistle. :)
(Oct 22, 2017)
i i sent about 1000 tickets lol but they suspect my account cuz of my last purchase from one shop and banned it hehe
(Oct 21, 2017)
Hullo Dark, hope it is fixed? did you submit a trouvble ticket? Look heartily forward to seeing you in the game!
(Oct 20, 2017)
my account got a problem
(Oct 20, 2017)
hey guys whats up
(Oct 19, 2017)
Check out the RP event!
(Oct 14, 2017)
Kinship Meeting & Officers general meeting TBA, last weekend of OCt or 1st weekend of Nov. Details to be announced.
(Oct 12, 2017)
TO those who visit and add new activities to the calendar: YOU ARE BRILLIANT! woot! Thank you!
(Sep 30, 2017)
A cheery welcome to all!
(Sep 12, 2017)
You and your friend shal be in our best thoughts and hopes. Cherish and enjoy this time together.
(Sep 11, 2017)
Not sure if i have the strength to log on so much for a while... Will pop in to say hi now and then.. Will see u when the worst grief is over and when we know more of whats going to come..
(Sep 11, 2017)
Hi Guys, a very close friend of mine had a relapse of cancer, got the message a few days ago, this time its spread toomuch, so she is in hospital atm waiting to find out how much time she has left.....
(Sep 11, 2017)
Guten Tag?